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Energy Storage is a Hot Field for Innovation

81 Energy storage US Venture Capital deals in 2021 totalling $8.8 billion.

If energy storage can be provided at ultra low cost the entire renewable market will be transformed.

So will the economics of running energy intensive industries.

In a short time frame variable renewables like wind and solar will become disruptive.

CATL is one of the most profitable companies ever created.  Ultra Low Cost storage tech is poised to grow even faster.

battery maker growth
price of electricity

Comparative Levelized Costs

Levelized Costs of Electricity

From new power plants 2009-2019.  Solar has continues to drop at same rate 2019-2022.

Once solar and wind have access to storage at ca. $10KWh, electricity markets across the world will be transformed.

The transition to Solar and Wind will be rapid, fueled by simple market drivers.

Levelized Cost of Storage

Prototype Development Timeline

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Q4 2022

The Renewable Storage Market

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

* $2 Trillion p.a. by 2030 with CAGR 8.4%

* At prices below $20 per kwh, storage becomes self financing

* Once low cost storage is available, new plant financing and contracts will rapidly make fossil fuel electricity uneconomic

* The first storage technology to scale to GWh will have a significant advantage

Solar and wind are CAPEX capital intensive but unlike fossil fuels or hydrogen, there are no significant OPEX costs. 

Once multi GWh storage is available at ultra low prices, the case for solar and wind becomes overwhelming. 

Even today in some markets it’s cheaper CAPEX  to install Wind and Solar than natural gas.   

With ULC storage, all forms of energy with significant OPEX costs become uncompetitive in most use cases.  

Modern ceramic storage research originated as a way of addressing energy losses in nuclear plants. 

If adopted it  has the potential to transform the nuclear market.  Current plants lose 70% of their capacity in unutilised waste heat.

Adding  1-4 GWh Thermal Energy Storage Units  could enable  total energy efficiency to rise near to 70% making existing nuclear plants deliver  far more energy to the grid.

Concentrated Solar Power CSP failed because solar panels became much cheaper than CSP and CSPs use of molten salt means high construction, maintenance and repair costs.  Winning tech must  be simple with few moving parts. 

Dropping cost of solar and wind is key driver: they will win over anything that involves energy transformation (fossil fuel, hydrogen) if ultra low  storage becomes available

Sodium Ion - CATL

Lithium Ion - CATL/Tesla

Volcanic Rock Storage - Siemens Gamesa

Heated Rock - Heliogen

High Temp Ceramic - Thermal Energy Solutions

Hydrogen - Many

Flow Battery - Many

Phase Change - Many

The expensive parts of Thermal Energy Storage  are the generators, turbines and transformers.  Plant that already exists in mothballed coal and Combined Cycle Gas power stations, Building GW scale ceramics storage in these plants would allow them to arbitrage renewable energy, turning losses into considerable profits.

Calix is working to provide the complete package including the trading software to enable plant owners to maximise their ROI.

Calix I.P. Strategy

Calix is committed to open source so ULC storage can become  a rapid success. 

In this early phase proprietary Intellectual Property may impact Calix’s ability to grow,  so our technical descriptions may not fully disclose our  technology. We  may also file for patents in areas such as:

* Closed loop energy cycle for a thermal storage unit

* Encapsulated high temperature heat exchanger

* Steam turbine coupling

* Auxetic Thermal Coupling

Long term, engineering execution is the key to success, and advantage comes from gaining experience, moving early and fast.

Calix for Crypto

Calix ‘s crypto solution is focussed on  turning Crypto & NFTs  green.

We are offering Odyssey Storage,  our customized containers with dedicated banks of servers which can be sited directly on wind or solar farms or on industrial sites near our Energy Storage Units.  

Dedicated software enables the server banks to access stored renewable energy at the cheapest point in the energy cycle.  

and  guarantee your power requirements really are  pure renewable.

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