Electro-Ceramic Energy Storage


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About Us

Our Vision

Ultra low cost energy storage will
● revolutionise the renewable energy market
● impact global Co2 emissions
We can achieve this today with Ceramic Energy Storage try scale. prototype demonstrator

Our Aim

To be the first company with a 1-4 GWh Ceramic Storage Unit at $10 KWh.

Our Team

Founder: Edward Farrelly
Technology Consultant: Francis Farrelly P.H.D.
Finance & VC Consultant: Patrick Newman
CTO: Confidential
CFO: Erwan Badouxv Thermodynamics Engineering: Confidential
Systems Engineering: Milan Pavlovic
Ceramics: Confidential
Mechanical Engineering: Confidential
Communications: IMMMEDIA
Legal: TBD

Engineering Consultants

Regenerators/Energy Engineering:


Heating Elements




Steam Turbines

Dr. Alessio Albarese

turbo generators